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Norden at the Cinema

In general, Nordic languages are being squeezed off the school curriculum. The Nordic Cultural Fund's major 2005 language survey "Inter-Nordic Language Understanding" revealed that Nordic youngsters are no longer quite as good at understanding each others' languages. Half of the secondary school pupils who responded received no teaching in Nordic languages at school.

The project NORDEN AT THE CINEMA offers Nordic language and media teachers new film-based teaching material. Pupils aged 10-19 will be given the chance to improve their knowledge of the other Nordic languages.

Multimedia teaching using different themes and film as its tool will inject new life into teaching Nordic languages to the pupils. The aim of the project is not only for the pupils to improve the ability to understand each others' languages, but to learn more about film as a communication tool and even more important to increase tolerance on several levels among the Nordic youth.

"Norden at the Cinema" is envisaged as an annual event with a new theme every year.

The project is being run by the Federation of the Norden Associations (FNF) and the Nordic information offices. Most of the funding has been provided by the Nordic Council of Ministers (Nordplus Language Fund).

The teaching material is available only via this website ( It consists of a specially produced DVD with five new Nordic short films and an especially composed teaching compendium.


REClimate in Nordic schools 2010
In August 2010 the Federation of Norden Associations (FNF) launched a new education material in cooperation with dvoted – “Mission REClimate”. It is an online based material for Nordic pupils aged 14-19. It focuses climate change, film making and the Nordic languages and cooperation between the Nordic countries. 
Within the project Mission REClimate you can upload new REClimate films on the dvoted site to be spread across the Nordic region and to pupils in all the Nordic countries.
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